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Coaching L1 2nd Edition 2023

On Wednesday 15-3-2023, The second edition of the 2023 World Triathlon Level one Coaches Course. Took place in Khobar Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. The Course was funded by the Saudi Triathlon Federation. Completed in the presence of 16 trainees of various nationalities; from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Syria, UK, Italy, South Africa, Kyrgyzstan, and the Philippines.

Our objectives as a federation is to have local coaches licensed by the world triathlon, where they can put the actual practice and give the best outcome to the community. This will help us improve, educate and inspire triathlon in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Every trainee who had successfully completed the course is required to re-certify the certificate through world triathlon federation educational website. Once the trainee has passed all the requirements, he or she will become eligible for the second level course, two years after receiving the first level certificate.

done. March 2023.


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