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About Us


About us


To develop, inspire, and support great experiences through swimming, cycling, and running.


Empowering more generations to enjoy additional triathlon experiences and multisport activities.


Passionate about sports, courageous in business, internally united, and externally collaborative.


High Performance


Community Engagement


Talent Empowerment

Triathlon Clubs


Board Members of the Saudi Federation Triathlon

Ali Magboul - President_edited.jpg

Ali Magboul


Mishaal Amsulaiman - Board Member_edited

Mishaal Amsulaiman

Board Member

Jude Jamjoom - Vice President.jpg

Jude Jamjoon

Vise President

Ghassan Mirdad - Board Member_edited.jpg

Ghassan Mirdad

Board Member

Meshari Alayed - Board Member.jpg

Meshari Alayed

Board Member

Abdulmajed Almuayqim - Board Member.jpg

Abdulmajid Almuayqim

Board Member


Dra. Dina Talyeb

Board Member

The Committees

Technical Committee

The role of the Technical Committee:

Includes overseeing technical programs and organizing championships, drafting regulations and legislations, granting technical approvals, amending regulations, facilitating registration opportunities for teams and individuals in triathlon, defining the authorities of academies and clubs, in addition to developing the technical booklet for organizing competitions and technical and arbitration training courses, as well as directly supervising refereeing teams.


For communication via email:

Technical Committee Members:

1. Eng. Meshari Alayed (Committee Chairman)

2. Fatima Alawami (Committee Member)

3. Yousef Alluhaidan (Committee Member)

4. Reda Alkhattabi (Committee Member)

5. Hamad Alghanim (Committee Member)

Investment & Marketing Committee

Role of the Investment Committee:

It specializes in investment matters and attracting sponsors, developing marketing regulations, negotiating with relevant parties such as sponsors and funders, and creating sponsorship packages.


For communication via email:

Members of the Investment and Marketing Committee:

1. Joud Jamjoom (Committee Chair)

2. Hussam Alqudayyib (Committee Member)

3. Muath Alsaudi (Committee Member)

4. Abdulrahman Habeib (Committee Member)

5. Rakan Aljuweiser (Committee Member)

Players Committee

Role of the Players Committee:

The committee is dedicated to conveying the voice and concerns of the players, responding to their inquiries, and empowering them to support decisions and recommendations for establishing regulations and systems to protect players. It also prepares comprehensive reports on their conditions and raises awareness of Olympic values.

For communication via email:

Members of the Player Committee:

1. Mishaal Alsulaiman (Committee Chair)

2. Mohammed Adawi (Committee Member)

3. Hassan Alkaf (Committee Member)

4. Nizar Altuwaijri (Committee Member)

5. Noha Alduqas (Committee Member)

Appeals Committee

Role of the Appeals Committee:

Responsible for reviewing and adjudicating appeals against decisions made by the Discipline Committee if appealed. It handles appeals against any decision issued by the Discipline Committee.

For communication via email:

Members of Appeals Committee:

1. Samer Alharbi (Committee Chair)

2. Shurooq Albarkati (Committee Member)

3. Abdulaziz Alshubaily (Committee Secretary)

4. Abdulaziz Alfahad (Committee Member)

Discipline Committee

Role of the Discipline Committee:

A disciplinary committee that deals with cases considered violations of the rules or contrary to the ethical and sporting conduct of game elements and sports officials.

For communication via email:

Members of Discipline Committee:

1. Omar Alabduli (Committee Chair)

2. Safwan Alhajji (Vice Chair)

3. Saad Alnafnaf (Committee Member)

4. Manal Alharthy (Committee Member)

5. Sara Aljuhani (Committee Secretary)

6. Mohammed Alwaie (Committee Member)

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