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(Abdulrahman Alghamdi National Team player 3rd place in the world of Spain)

The National Team /Abdurrahman al-Ghamdi won third place, the Bronze Medal (age 34-39) at 2:50:21 at the World Triathlon Championship (Olympic Distance) in the Spanish city of Pontevedra.

This is the first achievement in the international participation of the national team in achieving these results from world triathlon races.

On the other side, the captain of the National Team, Ryan AlKhuwaitar, also achieved sixth place (age group 34-39) at 2:60:33 for the same Olympic distance.

The Championship series of World Triathlon races, is an opportunity for all members to participate in multiple races by competing for elite races or age groups.

Our national team had participated in the Spanish city of Pontevedra for the Olympic distance, which means; 1,500m swimming, 40Km of cycking and finally ending it with a 10km Run.

Done September 2023


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