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Asian Triathlon meetings ends with a landmak Congress in Riyadh

After the Strategy Committee and Executive Board meetings, the Asian Triathlon (AST) Congress convened today, June 3rd, in Riyadh with all 38 member Federations.

In his keynote address, HH Prince Fahad Bin Jalawi, AST President reaffirmed his dedication to the development of Triathlon across Asia and appealed members to collectively joint effort towards increasing the number of events in Asia but also enhancing their quality, ensuring that each athlete and participant experience the true essence of Triathlon.

A guest of honor of the Congress, Madam Marisol Casado, President of World Triathlon praised AST and it President for the improvements in such as sort period of time and committed a continuous support from World Triathlon.

During the Congress, all AST Committees and Commissions had the opportunity to present detailed updated to the members and the 2024/2025 road map was validated along with the Development plan with the first High Performance camp to be organized in Malaysia in July 2024 in collaboration with the Olympic Council of Asia.

Done June 2024


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