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2022 Nur Sultan Asia Triathlon - World Triathlon Continental Development Camp

The Saudi National Federation U - 23 Team are participating for one week Camp in Nur Sultan, capital of Kazakhstan.

Lead by a member of the Board of Directors, Eng. Abdul Majeed Al-Muaiqel, the delegation of the Saudi triathlon team to participate in the training camp held by the Asian Triathlon Federation in the city of Nur-Sultan,

The intensive camp for ages Under 23 (U23) begins on July 25th until the 30th of the same month, it includes technical and practical transformations.

The team is consisting of:

National Trainer / Noha Al-Daks ; the 1st female coach licensed by World Triathlon Coaching Level 1,

And the players / Ibrahim Al-Zaydi and Faisal Al-Munajjid Following the footsteps of the regional and sub-regional camps which took place in 2021, this camp will benchmark the athletes who possibly participated in the previous camps and will also highlight some new participants.This camp will also emphasis the selection criteria for Team Asia. Moreover, this camp will help coaches understand more the required work for developing athletes along their career path.

- This camp is eligible for athletes who can race Junior & U23 and priority will be for the athletes who are registered in the race. - Asia Triathlon will cover the accommodation on FB basis from 25 (Check in) – 30 (Check out) JUL 2022 only. - Kazakhstan Triathlon Federation will be arranging the transportation for the attendees, including access to training facilities (running track, swim pool). - Asia Triathlon will cover PCR tests upon departure from Kazakhstan for those who need it. - A total of 20 athletes will be accepted for the camp. - Each federation has an invitation for maximum of 2 male & 2 female athletes. Please define their priority order. - Asia Triathlon will cover the accommodation on FB basis for 5 coaches. - Athletes who are U18 years old HAVE to provide parental consent signed by their parents (Attached). - Athletes have to bring and be responsible for their training equipment (bike, helmet, swim gear, running gear, etc). - Most used languages will be English & Russian – Translation will be provided if needed.


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