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Saudi Games

The Supreme Organizing Committee of the Saudi Games announced the postponement of the holding of the session, scheduled for March 10, 2022 AD, to the fourth quarter of this year, and the new date will be set within the next few days, in the desire of the Committee to provide the opportunity for the largest number of athletes to participate and register in the general category And the establishment of pre-qualifying qualifications to ensure the participation of all.

The supervising committee had recently completed the process of sorting out thousands of registrants in the various sports of the session – for the general category – and after coordination with the sports federations. And receivi

ng the results of acceptance for the general category by the Technical Committee, the Committee decided to give a greater opportunity to the registrants of this category, to enter qualification qualifications in a wider period of time, to achieve one of the most important objectives of the session in the detection of sports talents in various regions of the Kingdom, through a lengthy qualifying phase under Supervision of technical and administrative bodies, in preparation for participation in the Saudi Games


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