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Saudi Games 2023

"After the first edition of the Saudi Games achieved widespread success and great turnout, its second edition returned in 2023. Three performance trials were held in Khobar, Riyadh, and Jeddah, with a total of 107 participants, marking a 72% increase from the first edition, which had 62 participants. Saudi participants constituted 58%, while the percentage of participating women reached 27%.

These achievements were realized through the efforts and guidance of His Highness the Minister of Sports and President of the Saudi Olympic and Paralympic Committee, Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki, and the Vice President of the Olympic Committee, Prince Fahd bin Jalawi, as well as the efforts of union members who focused on increasing sporting competitions throughout the season and encouraging athletes from various categories to engage in these sports.

The finals were marked by intense competition, with 16 male athletes and 14 female athletes participating. This edition of the championship also witnessed the emergence of first-time participants in the Saudi Games, securing medals. Captain Karma Al Jaroudi secured the second position and a silver medal, while Captain Noura Al Sudairi secured the third position and a bronze medal.

In the men's category, our national team player Captain Rayan Al Khuwaiter achieved the first position and the gold medal, and national team player Captain Abdullah Aldeayabi secured the third position and the bronze medal."

Done December 2023


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