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"HRH Prince Fahad Bin Jalawi Participates in ITU Executive Board and Congress Under the Presidency

[Pontevedra, Date] - HRH Prince Fahad Bin Jalawi, Vice President of the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee and President of the Asian Triathlon Confederation, actively participated in the meetings of the ITU (International Triathlon Union) Executive Board and the annual Congress held in Pontevedra, Spain, under the presidency of Marisol Casado, President of the International Triathlon Union.

The Congress brought together representatives from various national and continental triathlon federations, providing a platform for discussions on key issues related to the development and global promotion of this comprehensive sport.

HRH Prince Fahad's participation highlighted Saudi Arabia's role in the international sports arena and its commitment to collaboration with other international federations. It also underscored his dedication to advancing and enhancing the sport of triathlon at both the national and international levels. During the meetings, HRH Prince Fahad engaged with key figures, including Mr. Renato Bertrandi, President of the European Triathlon Union, and Mr. Liber Garcia, President of the American Triathlon Confederation.

These meetings focused on strengthening relationships between triathlon federations and enhancing the development of the sport, providing a conducive environment for athletes to compete at the global level and ensuring continued support for triathlon champions.

In a separate development, HRH Prince Fahad, as the President of the Asian Triathlon Confederation, signed a cooperation agreement with the President of the European Triathlon Union. This agreement aims to enhance cooperation and development in various aspects of triathlon and includes the hosting of a joint championship for the European and Asian continents in Istanbul, Turkey, in 2025.


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