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The Saudi Triathlon National Team, secured medals in Ras Al Khaimah race.

The national team arrived in the United Arab Emirates on January 13, 2024, for the Sprint and Olympic distance race. The Sprint consists of a 750-meter swim, followed by a 20 km bike ride and a 5 km run, while the Olympic distance is a multiplier of the Sprint.

Coach Mohammed Hafiz selected 9 players for the national team, with Rayan Alkuwatir, Abdullah Althaibi, and Ibrahim Alzaidi participating in the Olympic distance. In the Sprint, Abdullah Alireza, Muktar Hasan, Adam Alshibli, Mutaz Al-Sahimi, Madawi Mewali, and Rawaa Basha competed.


The national team,achieved the top three positions in Ras Al Khaimah race. Team captain Rayan Alkuwatir won a silver medal overall, and player Ibrahim Alzaidi secured the second place silver medal in the 19-29 age group for the Olympic distance.


Abdullah Alireza won a silver medal, and Madawi Mewali won a bronze medal in the 30-34 age group for the Sprint distance.

Adam Alshibli won a bronze medal in the 18 and under Sprint category

while Rawaa Basha secured the second place silver medal in the 18-29 age group for the Sprint distance.

Done January 2024


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